Ray-based Generic Digital Projector Calibration

Zhongwei Li, Kai Zhong, Congjun Wang, Yusheng Shi. “Ray-based Generic Digital Projector Calibration”. 4th International Conference on Machine Vision (ICMV) - Computer Vision and Image Analysis - Pattern Recognition and Basic Technologies (ICMV 2012), Singapore, 2012.


We present a general and effective projector calibration method using a ray-based generic model, which consists of rays projected from all pixel elements of the projector. For computing the parameters of the rays, we propose a flexible 3D coordinates calculation method for the projected calibration target. Since the ray-based generic model does not rely on any assumption, our approach is applicable to arbitrary projection system. The calibrated rays can be applied to evaluate projector's actual distortion model, reconstruct 3D points of the scene and correct geometric distortion of the projected image etc. Experiments are presented to verify the performance of the proposed technique.